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International Register of Consultant Herbalists 

Herbalist training  since 1960

The IRCH Register and herbalist  training course were originally established in 1960.
The IRCH has been successfully producing qualified practitioners of herbal medicine ever since.


Herbalist Medicine Training by flexible distance learning

The IRCH herbalist training course is carefully structured to enable students to fit study in and around the pressures of everyday life.  It is, however, a course that demands commitment and a desire to reach the high standards set by the Faculty staff.  The course is divided into five modules, with the lessons within each module supplemented by seminars at the Annual Conference and Summer School. The Annual Conference is an opportunity to meet students from all modules and  practising herbalists  to take part in lively lectures and discussions.

Herbalist Training with the IRCH

One to one training with professional Herbal Medicine practitioners

The IRCH course is much more than theory. Clinical skills seminars give students the opportunity to learn about herbal medicine first hand from our experienced practitioners including case taking, examination techniques and diagnostic methods.  Students also undertake clinical training with practitioners located around the country.  This is on a supervised one to one basis, giving the student confidence to develop his/her own clinical practice.

Students of the IRCH are taught to prescribe and prepare herbal remedies in line with traditional philosophy and practice, within the continued legal protection of the The Human Medicines Regulations 2012.

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If you are interested in finding out more about the IRCH  Professional Herbalist Training  and its unique course, please contact us for a full prospectus.