This short aromatherapy course is for the practitioner / therapist who wants to use essential oils but does not require the massage element as taught in the full course.

It is also for those just interested in using the oils for home use.

There are no assignments with the lessons, however, there is a requirement to submit an essay of 5,000 words which will be marked by a qualified aromatherapist.

This is to ensure your understanding and for your own and your clients safety.

A Certificate of Merit will be given on completion of the course to our satisfaction.

Synopsis:   Lessons:

1) Introduction
2) Blending Oils
3) Flower Oils
4) Resin Oils
5) Spice Oils
6) Psychological aspects of aromatherapy

Cost of the course is £189.00

Health Psychology for Complementary Practitioners

       * This course is currently unavailable as it is in the process of being updated *

This course will help practitioners become aware of the interaction of the individual’s personality and life experience and the impact this has on his/her physical and emotional sense of well being. Having achieved this understanding the practitioner will become equipped to make the necessary positive interventions as an integral part of his/her holistic practice.  Insight in this subject also provides a powerful tool for the personal development and empowerment of the practitioner.

The course consists of 10 lessons which will be marked by an IRCH Tutor who specializes in this subject.  An Assessment paper will be included at the end of each lesson to monitor the student’s progress and understanding.  

Lesson 1
Historical and Psychological Background of Medical Models

Lesson 2
The biopsychosocial model of disease and illness

Lesson 3
The Logics of modern psychology

Lesson 4
Stress and Human disease

Lesson 5
Stress and Human Disease
General Considerations in Stress/Disease Study

Lesson 6
Behavioural Medicine I

Lesson 7
Managing Stress and Pain

Lesson 8
Psychological Counselling

Lesson 9
Psychosomatics: personality and disease

Lesson 10A & 10B
Psychological Aspects of Common Syndromes (Part I)
Psychological Aspects of Common Syndromes (Part II)

The cost of the course is £310